When you need an expert for:

  • Grounding & Bonding Design
  • Fall-of-Potential Ground Testing
  • Lightning Protection Ground Testing
  • Lightning Protection System Design
  • Lightning Protection System Inspection
  • Power Quality Testing
  • Electrical Design for Power Quality
  • AC Power Surge Protection
  • Low Voltage Surge Protection
  • Forensic Investigation of a loss that may be the result of lightning

Go with someone who’s been there

Our technicians and engineers have over 100-years of combined on-the-job  experience.  Our technicians are factory trained and certified.  We  take pride that we keep up with the latest advances in the areas of our  expertise.  Our engineer partners are recognized as experts as bring a  wealth of knowledge that is unique in our industry.  You can rest easy,  because your project will be in the best and most skilled hands  possible.  We have the client and customer references to confirm our  expertise and results.  Please ask for them, we are proud of our  proactive customers and the sucess our efforts working with them. 

Go with someone who’s done it

PSI  of Tampa’s combined on-the-job experience protecting security &  life safety systems provides you with the expertise and knowledge to  design a protective system that will keep your system running.   We keep  up with the latest advances in technology, system design and know how  to protect your security and life safety systems from power surge and  induced lightning damage.  You will be dealing with respected  professionals that has your best interest at heart.   When you recall  your experience working with us you will have a smile on your face and  we both will know why!


One of our customers put it as well as anyone could:

“PSI Tampa was the best choice  We ever could have made!  We suffered both power quality issues &  lightning damage to our new automated packaging systems.  PSI Tampa’s  expertise stopped all of our problems in a very cost effective manner.”

Ask for our references!  This company and hundreds of others will tell you the of our sucess working with them.


  • Power Quality Testing & Monitors & Monitoring Services.
  • Electrical System Audits & Inspections & Design Services.
  • Soil Resistance Testing, Ground Testing, Ground System Design, Ground Test Tools.
  • Lightning Damage Mitigation.
  • Lightning Protection System Design, Inspections & Testing.
  • Lightning and Surge Damage Forensic Investigations Services.
  • Surge Protection System Inspection, Testing & Design Services.
  • Surge Protection Devices for AC power and low voltage systems.
  • Educational Seminars for electrical, electronic and facility professionals.