PSI Tampa provides seminars that can be customized to meet the sponsoring organization’s or client’s focus and needs. The cover subjects can including ground testing, grounding design, ground bonding and isolation, power distribution design, lightning protection design and both AC power & Low Voltage surge protection design. We cover it all, from the basics to the latest concepts and methods to protect systems and equipment. The goal of our clients is to learn how to do a better job and protect their systems and equipment and ability to service their customers. If your organization, company or agency would have interest in a seminar please contact us do discuss the benefits it will bring all involved. We are happy to share the contact information of those that have benefited from our seminars. We look forward to providing a seminar for you and adding your name to hundreds that have attended a seminar taught by the professionals of PSI Tampa.

Client Education

A wise person once said: “You cannot make progress if you lack the knowledge to move forward.”
PSI Tampa’s professionals understand working with clients that lack the knowledge to make a wise and cost effective decision is not beneficial to anyone. Therefore it is always our focus to educate our clients so their decisions will be wise and cost effective. The benefit to PSI Tampa is the pleasure of working with someone that has the knowledge to appreciate our efforts in their behalf. The benefit to the client is the economic benefits and improvements to their work environment that will reduce stress for all involved.
Without a doubt, one client explained it best and in simple terms. Prior to PSI Tampa’s efforts when the client would hear thunder he would shut down his automated packaging equipment rather than have it damaged “again” as he put it. His comment to PSI Tampa: “Do you know how good it feels not to have to shut down my business? You removed a mill stone from around my neck! Thank You!” That was said to our principal over 20 years ago.
The pride and feeling of accomplishment is very valuable to all the professionals on the PSI Tampa team. As part of our effort with clients we teach, explain and educate them as to the “why” they have had issues in the past. We explain in layman terms what happened and how we propose to keep their facility, equipment and systems from being damaged in the future. We want the client to understand the “why” of where he is then and what PSI Tampa is going to do to improve his facility, equipment and systems installation so he can avoid future damage and all the negative things that will have on his ability to service his clients.
The clients that make the effort to understand what happened in the past, why it happened and the path they must take to stop future issues make the best decisions. We at PSI Tampa are professionals and we take pride in our work and part of that must be sharing our knowledge with our clients. To that end we make every effort to have the client understand everything we do for them. Knowledge is power, in our business the power to help our clients, our customers and grow our business in the process. All part of the Win-Win we want for all involved.