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The industry’s most respected reputation: with more than a quarter-century of solid design and engineering innovation. Current Technology offers more experience than the majority of our competitors combined.


Current Technology’s flexible, expandable MasterPLAN® network of facility-wide products delivers superior surge suppression voltage clamping and high frequency noise attenuation ratings. Products are easily selected in accordance with ANSI/IEEE transient exposure levels.


Only Current Technology products include seamless technology, the proprietary design concept that integrates and maximizes the combined performance capabilities of up to four major elements to produce the industry’s best suppression and highest tested single pulse surge current capacity ratings.


Often imitated but never equaled, Current Technology’s research and development engineers have repeatedly revolutionized the industry by originating the Electronic Grade Panelboard®, ControlGuard, GuardBus and other innovative products and philosophies, product specification according to exposure level and field-testable systems that ensure ongoing product reliability.


The industry’s first and only integral 10-mode test point provides end-users with convenient, ongoing ability to verify suppression filter system reliability and performance.


No other manufacturer offers the active testing and monitoring delivered by the portable DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set, which easily connects to any Current Technology product to provide the industry’s only method of on-site, real-time suppression filter system field testing and analysis.


All Current Technology products are subjected to strenuous factory testing before shipment, and only Current Technology performs on-site KeyTek® E-ClassTM Series500 PQF Power Simulator life cycle testing to ensure extended suppression filter system performance.


Unlike most competitors, Current Technology products do not contain replaceable electrical transient suppression/filtering modules. Current Technology products are quality engineered to last, and every unit is backed by expert technical support and a comprehensive product warranty.


No other industry manufacturer offers the proven benefits of including selenium, a naturally occurring element, in their electrical transient protection product offerings. The results: unmatched performance and dramatically extended reliability.


Current Technology’s “24×7” Technical Hotline provides around the clock technical installation and maintenance support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Please contact us for more information about these or any other surge protection products or to speak with one of our sales representatives.

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