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Installation Instructions for Remote Disturbance Counter Connection for a Wye Configured Unit


The remote disturbance counter box contains a terminal block labeled “A”, “B”, “C”, “N” and “G”. A hole must be drilled in the remote disturbance counter box to allow wiring entry. Five wires can be connected to the terminal block inside the Remote Disturbance Counter box via the drilled hole. The other end of these wires must be bolted to the “A”, “B”, “C”, “neutral” and “ground” terminals on the MERF in the Current Technology suppression filter system. After wiring is completed, the CTI unit can be re-energized. The customer the Current Technology suppression filter system to the remote disturbance counter with #20AWG wire.

Dimensions of Disturbance Counter: 10″H x 7″W x 4.5″D

Type of Enclosure: Nema 4

Remote Disturbance Counter

MERF inside Current Technology suppression filter system

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