Plus Suppression Filter Systems


Unmatched Reliability for Zero-Tolerance Applications. Only from Current Technology.

Work environments that are totally dependent on electronic-based systems to power critical operations — air traffic control towers, hospitals, power plants, worldwide reservation systems, automated production facilities — demand the most reliable protection against costly damage and downtime provided only by Current Technology’s selenium-enhanced Plus suppression filter systems.

Transient Suppression Filter Systems Selenium-Enhanced PLUS

Fully equipped with a complete line of options as standard features, hardworking selenium-enhanced XPplus, MPplus and DPplus models boast repetitive single pulse surge current capacity ratings ranging from >10,000 to >12,000 minimum tested impulses per mode. Backed by Current Technology’s Ten Year Extended Warranty and three decades of suppression filter system leadership, selenium-enhanced Plus suppression filter systems deliver the industry’s best electrical transient protection value for today’s most vital work environments.

PLUS Features and Benefits

selenium-enhanced design Improved performance and longer life via lower clamping voltages, increased MOV reliability and dissipation of more continuous energy
seamless technology engineering Unique suppression and filtering properties of up to four components are combined and maximized to deliver extended performance via improved clamping voltage and repetitive surge current ratings
Ten Year Extended Warranty More value than competitor’s models – protection against direct lightning strikes.
MasterPLANĀ® compatible May be combined with other Current Technology products to yield improved suppression voltage clamping and high frequency noise attenuation
StatusWatch diagnostic monitoring with battery-powered audible alarm, alarm silence and alarm test functions Immediate verification of suppression filter system operational status including local and remote visual and audible monitoring
Display event counters Ongoing transient tabulation. Dual counters provide separate monitoring of L-N and L-G to provide transient path identification
Double form “C” dry contacts local or remote monitoring of operational status of each phase for verification of protection integrity
Integral fused disconnect with 200K AIC UL 198 Listed fusing (meets all NEC wiring requirements) Functions as a dedicated circuit breaker to reduce installation cost and permit system testing without interruption of facility power
Safety interlocked entry door Prevents human exposure to energized unit
Protection for all modes
(L-N, L-G, L-L, N-G)
Ensures 100% coverage
Self-enclosed, sand-packed, arc-quenching MOV-array based suppression filter assembly Sand quenches electrical impulses in fault conditions to provide added safety; seamless technology geometry maximizes suppression properties of all components
Multiple paralleled MOV arrays Provides greater reliability by reducing effective suppression circuit resistance
All-copper bus construction free of printed circuit boards or twisted wire leads Low impedance, prevention of system upset and the industry’s best ringwave performance
Ten mode diagnostic test point Provides easy connection to DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set
“24×7” Technical Hotline Toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week