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DPplus Technical Specifications

High exposure protection – Compatible with all Current Technology MasterPLAN® facility-wide suppression filter system products


Hardworking DPplus units offer selenium-enhanced protection for lower ampacity service entrances, service entrances remotely located from utility power factor correction and grid switching and distribution panels feeding rooftop loads in high-lightning areas. Standard DPplus features include:

Selenium-enhanced suppression filter assembly: Selenium cells dramatically increase reliability and extend suppression filter system life by protecting MOVs from damaging overvoltage swells and long duration transients

seamless technology: Proprietary design concept integrates four suppression and filtering components — selenium, polypropylene capacitors, non-linear voltage dependent metal oxide varistors (MOVs) and precise component geometry — for maximum performance and reliability

Diagnostic test point: Allows easy DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set integration

Fused disconnect: Integral UL listed safety interlocked fused disconnect switch enhances safety, reduces installation cost, improves performance, optimizes reliability and permits system testing without interruption of facility power. Coordinated UL listed 200 KAIC field replaceable Class J fuses provide added convenience and safety

StatusWatch diagnostic monitoring with display event counters: Diagnostic monitoring package includes audible alarm, alarm silence/test, double form “C” dry contacts, status indicator lights and display event counters

Warranty: Ten Year Extended Warranty – includes direct lightning strike coverage


standard description
UL 1449 Underwriters Laboratories standard that establishes requirements for surge suppression safety and performance. Commonly recognized as a benchmark test for product comparison
UL 1283 Underwriters Laboratories standard dictating requirements for electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters installed on, or connected to, 600V or lower potential circuits installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code. Also covers filters used to attenuate unwanted high frequency signals generated from electromagnetic sources
CUL Canadian version of Underwriters Laboratories
NEMA LS-1 The specification format guideline published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for specifiers and customers investigating Low Voltage Surge Protection Devices


DPplus-120/240-2G-DF-SWC DPplus-120/240-3GHD-DF-SWC
DPplus-120/208-3GY-DF-SWC DPplus-240-3D-DF-SWC
DPplus-277/480-3GY-DF-SWC DPplus-480-3D-DF-SWC
DPplus-347/600-3GY-DF-SWC DPplus-600-3D-DF-SWC

Contact factory for other voltages and configurations. Add option suffix(es) as required.


Protection mode Single pulse surge current capacity per mode
Line-to-Neutral >250,000 amps
Line-to-Ground >225,000 amps
Neutral-to-Ground >225,000 amps
Line-to-Line >250,000 amps
Per Phase >475,000 amps

In compliance with NEMA LS 1-1992, paragraphs 2.2.7, 2.2.9 and 3.9, Current Technology suppression filter systems are single pulse surge current tested in all modes at currents up to 150% of the product design rating by an industry-recognized independent test laboratory. Single pulse surge current capacities of 200,000 amps or less are established by single-unit testing of all components within each mode. Due to present industry test equipment limitations, single pulse surge current capacities over 200,000 amps are established via testing of individual components or sub-assemblies within a mode.


Protection mode Minimum tested impulses per mode
Line-to-Neutral >12,000
Line-to-Ground >12,000
Neutral-to-Ground >12,000
Line-to-Line >12,000

Per ANSI/IEEE C62.41-1991 and ANSI/IEEE C62.45-1992, all Current Technology suppression filter systems are repetitive surge current capacity tested in every mode utilizing a 1.2 X 50m sec 20KV open circuit voltage, 8 X 20 m sec 10 KA short circuit current Category C3 bi-wave at one minute internals without suffering either performance degradation or more than 10% deviation of clamping voltage at a specified surge current.


Multiple unit installation Frequency Single unit installation
51 dB 100 KHz 34 dB
94 dB 1 MHz 51 dB
114 dB 10 MHz 54 dB
120 dB 100 MHz 48 dB

All Current Technology suppression filter systems EMI-RFI noise rejection or attenuation values are in compliance with test and evaluation procedures outlined in NEMA LS 1-1992, paragraphs 2.2.11 and 3.11.


Voltage MCOV Voltage MCOV
120V 150V 277V 320V
240V 275V 480V 600V
277V 320V 600V 840V

All Current Technology suppression filter systems maximum continuous operating voltages are in compliance with test and evaluation procedures outlined in NEMA L 1-1992, paragraphs 2.2.6 and 3.6.


Voltage Protection Mode A3 Ringwave B3 Ringwave B3/C1 Comb. Wave C3 Comb. Wave
120/208 L-N 250 305 410
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